Thursday, January 15, 2009

Third Month's Assignments

The Vision Project

This project is due May 10, 2009.

Begin building your library media program vision project.

Scenario 1: You are interviewing for a new position as a teacher librarian at _____ school. The leadership team of the school has asked you to present your vision for their school in a 15 minute presentation.

Scenario 2: You are the teacher librarian at _____ school but are disturbed by the antiquated practices that are part of the "traditional" program. In your conversations with the principal, you express the desire to change the entire nature of the library media program. Interested, the principal asks you to prepare a 15 minute presentation for the school leadership team concerning the direction in which you would like to move.

During the second month, you read ten articles or book chapters and contributed items to the wiki. During the first two weeks of this month, repeat this assignment so that we will all have a larger pool of ideas and articles. Copy your contributions and submit them to Angel by April 15, 2009.

Class Links:
libr233 pathfinder wiki
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Erica Dietz said...

Hi. I'm assuming that the deadline for 10 more wiki contributions by April 15th is still on? Could we get an answer on this soon, so we know whether to work on this in conjunction with the Individual VLC?


Tiffany Mair said...

Hi Erica,

I double-checked with Dr. Loertscher and you are correct. 10 wiki contributions are due by April 15th.

Thanks for confirming,


Erica Dietz said...

Thank you, Tiffany. You're awesome!

Michele Gilchrist said...

Hi, Tiffany and Dr, Loertscher,
I don't see a place in Angel to submit our next 10 wiki contributions due on April 15th. Are we just posting to the wikis and not submitting another log for grading? Or is there someplace to submit it that I'm not seeing? Thanks for your clarification.

Tiffany Mair said...

Hi Michele,

Great question!

I spoke to Dr. Loertscher this morning and he advises that you should submit your notes on everything you've been reading in addition to your wiki activity to the Lessons > Additional Reading Log dropbox.



Jung Ah Lee said...

Does anybody have an idea on how long (in terms of number of slides or in terms of number of words in the speaker notes) a 15 minute presentation is?

Gillisbooks said...

Generally it is about 1 minute per slide, depending on how much you say per slide. I just was given an assignment for another class where I was told 100 words is about 1 minute (for a radio announcement) so if you were going to talk non-stop it would be about 1,500 words but that seems a little much for a presentation. Try reading something and timing it. I always end up having to pare down presentations when I get to the practice stage and discover my 10 minutes took 20.... Jessica

Tiffany Mair said...

Jessica gives good advice here. Practicing your presentation will help you discover and fix any quirks or points that may need transition, in addition to helping you determine talk-time. :)

Erica Dietz said...

Uh oh, now I'm confused. Are we presenting our Vision Projects to the class? I was under the impression that it should be narrated either through written speaker notes or orally using an application like Jing.


Marisa Reyes said...

Are there any more details or guidelines to follow for this Vision Project? Or is it just a general, state my vision for the school library?


Gillisbooks said...

Is our vision project really due on May 1st? That is so soon and almost 2 weeks before the end of school. Is there any chance the due date might be pushed to May 8th?

Mrs. Waterbury said...

It says it's due May 10th. has that changed? yikes!

Gillisbooks said...

I don't know how I missed that... Was it originally due May 1? I had that written in my calendar. Maybe because the other assignments were due on the 1st. Sorry to scare you and I am relieved.

Tiffany Mair said...

The vision project continues to be due May 10, 2009.

Thanks, Tiffany

Lisa Katz and Linda Bennett said...

I need some help. Does anyone know if you can download a jing video onto a google presentation. I have created a jing video but can't seem to donwload it into my presenation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a bit frustrated.

B Ahrens said...

regarding the jing in the google presentation:
Save the Jing video to your computer. Upload it to youTube. Import from YouTube into Google Presentation.